Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Meaning of My Name

My grandfather named me. My name is Ui-Ki. Ui means right and Ki means based. So, together they mean "to be successful based on right." The meaning is quite matched with our family precepts. Our family precept is "righteousness, conscience." I think my grandfather expacted me to be a representative of our family. I do feel pressure about it, but I also feel proud of my name.

Kids Product Ads and the Target

Kids are easily stimulated by attractive commercials because they don't have the ability to chooss the right priorities. Marketeds try to target children in two ways: they approch children directly or they approch the parents of the children. Their commercials entice children, they make them crazy for their product. The first way is from kids. They are easy to impose on the ads, and they do notice they choose wrong choice but they do same mistake again and again. Marketers don't miss their mistake. The other way is marketers treat parents as financial supporters of children. They try to impress with commercials so thdy will buy the products. That's why those commercials which deal with family love are popular.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Genetic Engineering of Baby

These days there are a lot of movies that are about genetic engineering, because recently people have become more interested in it. They expect to have designer babies who are disease-free, intelligent, and good looking, but it's not right.

Think about the meaning of a baby. A baby is the result of love between you and your love. The baby has the same eyes, the same mouth, and the same nose as you. Sometimes the baby has a bad disease, which means you need to give the baby more love.


Saturday, June 19, 2004

Different Opinions of Death Penalty

I interviewed my roommate who is from Michigan. He's a 22-year old senior in college. I asked him his opinion about the Death Penalty. He told me that he believed in the death penalty only in special situations, like Tim McVeigh's case. Because McVeigh bombed Oklahoma City Hall and killed thousands of innocent people, he thinks McVeigh deserved to be executed. I also interviewed a girl named Stacy, a 21-year old, sophomore who is my friend's roommate. She is from Ohio. She said, execution is not the best solution. She feels humans have no right to judge other humans and take their lives. We should find other ways to punish them, morally and humanely.

Meaning of Death Penalty

The death penalty is unnecessary. Humans do not have the right to judge others and sentence them to death. Moreover, there isn't a perfect person who never makes any mistakes. In addition, executing a person costs more money than putting him in jail for life. We have to think about the meaning of a judgment. I think it means to give criminals time or a chance to repent. In conclusion, I think the penalty is one way to judge people, but I'm sure it's not the best way.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Anti-Fast Food Drive Raging

I read an article about a protest against fast food. Some people want fast food chains to reveal the ingredients of their food because they want to know if the food will make them obese. Find out more about it. Read Anti-Fast Food Drive Raging!!

Friday, June 11, 2004

My Globalized Day

My clock always wakes me up every morning to kick me out of bed. I eat bread with peanut butter, bananas, and milk for breakfast. I take a shower using shampoo and soap. After taking a bath, I go to school by bus. We clean up the chalkboard and prepare chalk and eraser. The professor uses a book which is written in English; it seems to be from America. During the break, I drink a cup of coffee. I don't know where the coffee comes from, but I know it's not from Korea, and the weird thing is I do almost the same thing here in the States. That mean the whole world is getting similar. We are getting globalized.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A Faithful Tiger

A traditional Korean folktale retold by UiKi Lee and Justin

This is a story about a faithful tiger and a clever woodsman. A long time ago, there was a diligent woodsman who had to take care of his old mother. One day, the woodsman went to the forest to chop fire wood. Suddenly, a hungry tiger appeared and roared loudly. He was really afraid, but he concentrated on his situation to find out the way for escape. Finally, he got an idea. Unexpectedly, he grabbed the tiger's knee and started to cry.

Woodsman : "Oh, my brother. Finally, I've met you. Our mother was always worried about you. Where've you been?" He kept crying. The tiger was confused.

Tiger : "How can I be your brother, you fool? Me? A man? Don't joke with me! I'm going to eat you right now!"

The woodsman acted like he was surprised.

Woodsman : "Don't you recognize me? Don't you remember? When you were a child, you went to the forest to chop wood but never come back. Mom had a dream you turned into a tiger. That's why you couldn't come back. Mom still worries about you and wishes for your return. Let's go and see Mom, please. She will be so happy to see you."

The Tiger believed him completely.

Tiger : "I have a mother waiting for me at home? I cannot see Mom with an ugly face like this. Please take care of her for me.

"Woodsman : "I promise, I will do my best."

Then, the tiger disappeared, and the woodsman returned home safely. The next morning, the woodsman found food in his front yard. He was surprised, but finally realized that it was the tiger that had done this. After that, the the woodsman would find foods in his front yard once in a while. The woodsman kept his promise to the tiger by doing his best to keep his mother well. With the help of the tiger, the woodsman had enough to feed his family and had a happy life.

For years, the tiger continued to hunt for the family. Then one day, the mother died. That night, the woodsman heard the tiger crying all night long. After that, no one saw the tiger again, but he hoped that he might run into the tiger again. Then one day, the woodsman stopped by his mother's grave, as usual, after chopping wood in the forest. He was surprised; there was a scrawny looking tiger lying in front of the grave.

Woodsman: "Oh, my dear brother!" The woodcutter hugged the tiger and began to cry. The tiger that had been unconscious with hunger, looked up at the woodsman.

Tiger : "Oh, is it you, my brother?"

Woodsman : "What's happened to you?"

Tiger : "How can I live? My mother is dead. I didn't do anything for her when she was alive, so now I have no reason to live. It was my pleasure that I had a chance to hunt food for her."

With those few words, the tiger died with a peaceful tear on his face. The woodsman was deeply moved by the tiger's devotion for his mother. He buried the tiger next to his mother and took care of both graves for the rest of his life.

Monday, June 07, 2004

our Language Influenced by English

English has influenced our food, high tech, and music. I think that is why we now use English words. American started to influence our language when the U.S. Army moved to Korea to make our country independent from Japan and when the Korean war took place the soldiers brought a lot of things such as chocolate, gum, and whiskey at that time, so we learned to use these words. Later on we kept taking developed countries' industries such as the computer and Internet industry. Sometimes we used these words in our own language, so now you hear Koreans using words such as computers, Internet, phone and cellular phone.